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Warranties and repair coverage for products.
From appliances and HVAC to computers and smart homes… it’s taken care of.

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fixHomz allows you to easily customize and bundle home and product warranties, select protection options, file claims, and schedule repairs and on-demand services with our team of home service experts.

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Coverage that’s (almost) as smart as you.

Pay for protection based on what you actually own and want to protect with bundled warranties and service contracts for home systems, products, and tech.

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Expert help whenever you need it.

Enjoy reliable, hassle-free service from our network of vetted service providers on any product, appliance, or system in your home.


Home service at your fingertips.

Make claims and request service by phone or online without the added stress.


A personal project manager for your home.

Your own IT department, handyman, and maintenance expert—ready when you need them.


24/7 Online Support

  • Modify coverage, file claims, and request support without the hassle
  • Schedule product health checks, maintenance, installation, and tech configuration
  • Register new purchases with seamless add/drop functionality

Protection that upgrades when you do

  • Install home automation
  • Configure network security
  • Protect your phone, tablet, and computer
  • Insure smart appliances

Flexible home repair services

  • Protection solutions for your evolving product inventory
  • Wide range of services from checkups and installation to maintenance and repair
  • Monthly subscription, annual, and on-demand pricing plans

Comprehensive Protection

  • Pick and choose only the protection you need
  • Cover plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and appliances with a home warranty
  • Protect mobile, computer, network, and smart home products

Single Source Service provider

Dishwasher on the fritz? Smart doorbell acting stupid? Low water pressure? WiFi too slow for streaming?

fixHomz has it covered.

With us you’re backed by a team of home service experts that are always ready to deliver high-quality support when you need it. There’s no product too smart for our pre-vetted network of service superheroes.


Thomas Anders

“My dogs are real fans of fixHomz home management. I cannot open the door to get ice for myself without them running to get a handful of ice, summer or winter. They love it. Thank you for the great service.”


Denise Penn

“My kudos to your customer support team for addressing my problem with speed and to your engineers for producing a well thought out design for this machine. I am recommending it to everyone who comes to my house.”


John Peck

“ I must say that dealing with the customer service department was fantastic.”

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Say Hello to fixHomz

Say hello to fixHomz!

We know what you may have heard about “companies like us.” But rest assured, we’re not like most home warranty companies.

You see, somewhere along the way, home warranty providers took a wrong turn. They started caring more about profits than customers. They stopped caring if people sat on hold, paid for coverage they didn’t need or had to take cold showers in the middle of winter. Seriously, what kind of company does that!? Certainly not one focused on its customers’ experiences with their brand!

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